Crisis in the Muslim Mind

‘AbdulHamid A. AbuSulayman, on the Crisis in the Muslim Mind, 2014

… As a child, I opened my heart and soul to the Ummah’s trials and anguish as expressed by its writers and poets. Where I grew up, in Makkah, in the classroom and between the covers of my books, the pages of history opened before my eyes and, in my imagination, I relived the Ummah’s best and worst moments along with the finest and most courageous of its heroes. Often bitterness and frustration crept into the depths of my soul; but more often did the urgency of the crisis fill my heart with determination and the conviction that things must change.

To download the book in PDF, click the link below:

Crisis in the Muslim mind

Watch the entire presentation on YouTube:

Crisis in the Muslim Mind



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