Islam and Science

This book was not written to fulfil any long-held plan to write one. Rather, it was force of circumstance that provoked and almost compelled me to write it. The germ of the idea grew from a lecture which the Lahore Education Society invited me to deliver in May 1984 on the subject of Islam and science. Those were bad times for the country in general, and academics in particular. Following the double coup of guns and theology in 1977, dissent from the official line was not tolerated. Many university professors, including some of my colleagues at Quaid-e-Azam University, had been sent to jail and tortured for having expressed views which our new rulers did not like. Meanwhile, numerous charlatans and sycophants, responding to the regime’s rhetoric of Islamization, had seized the reins of society and set for themselves the task of ‘Islamizing’ everything in sight, including science. Highly placed members of the Pakistani scientific establishment were leading advocates of this venture. In seeking to establish their credentials, these ‘Islamic scientists’ transgressed not only the demands of reason and logic, but also every enlightened interpretation of the Islamic Faith.

To download the book in PDF format, click on the link below:


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