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If you are keen to support our research, use the relevant PayPal button below. We intend to publish the results on Islamic Papers. We require funding for the following themes:

  1. Apostasy
  2. Leadership
  3. How to read the Qur’an

 We are open to suggestions for additional areas of research. We aim to determine “what went wrong” and to recommend means for addressing it. What follows is a brief proposal for each.

  1. Apostasy

“Did political pressures and the work of jurists alter the teaching of the Qur’an on apostasy?” For it is evident that what the Qur’an teaches on apostasy is different from what the jurists teach upon the subject. What brought about this divergence? How may it be addressed?

2. Leadership

The prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) provided an excellent example of ethical leadership. The Constitution of Medina was a milestone in the history of Islam, and an example of peaceful co-existence marked by mutual respect and tolerance. The example of the prophet’s enlightened leadership provides  valuable lessons in the contemporary era as it did in the past.

3. How to read the Qur’an

Students should not merely memorise and recite, in a parrot-like fashion, the Qur’an without knowing what they recite. There is a need to teach comprehension along with recitation. This will enable the students to increase their knowledge and become better Muslims.

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Dates of completion are as follows:

Viewpoints: within 30 days of payment.

Research papers: within 90 days of payment.

Book: within 1 year of payment.

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