Mission Statement

I started this blog as a way of providing a way for the expression of views about the challenges confronting the world. Among the greatest is the requirement to establish and keep peace with people of different perspectives. This website endeavors to emphasise universal principles endorsed by all great civilizations.

This blog also endeavors to foster reform within the Muslim community. It also aims to educate regarding Islam. The blog is based on the view that misunderstanding is among the reasons for the difficulties between Muslims and persons of different faiths. The misunderstanding of Islam by non-Muslims is due in part to reports in the mass media.

As a result of these misunderstandings, the two camps (Muslims and non-Muslims) see themselves as adversaries. This produces potential for tension. There is too much sectarianism and exclusiveness.

This blog is dedicated to highlighting the common principles rather than the differences between the Christian and Muslim world. Work has already been done in this area, for example by Richard Bulliet of Columbia University, in his The Christian-Islamic Civilization.

A tolerant approach may assist in integrating Muslims better within the global community, as well as Muslim immigrants within their adopted nations. Let us hope we may find assistance for this kind of research. We welcome contributions from individuals as well as governments.

To realise the above aims, we are establishing a non-profit organization, to be based in Canada, known as the Terebessy Foundation. Its activities will be governed by Canadian laws. Its Website is currently under construction. The Foundation will co-ordinate the activities of its different Focus Areas in various parts of the world, as well as cater to funding arrangements. We aim to be a truly global enterprise in promoting global peace and improving lives for all. We welcome partners to work with us in this exciting endeavour.

Thank you,

Abdul Karim Abdullah